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Poor Primadonna is a global entertainment news website based in Paris, France. We get the hottest buzz and latest news in Hollywood. We do not only cover things that happened yesterday, it is also about what will happen tomorrow.

Our editorial staff knows all the celebrities you are currently going crazy for. And we are committed to giving you exclusive access on the entertainment industry today. Call us your new friend. We’re Poor Primadonna.


Faye Smith
Faye Smith is a social media addict who covers all the trending news in social media. Even after enrolling herself to med school, Faye remained active to writing. She is a registered Medical Technologist and is now on her way to becoming a doctor!

Jillianne Frost
Jillianne Frost is a primary school teacher who loves TV shows and books.She holds a Master’s degree in Education and is now taking Doctorate. When not teaching her students, Jillianne usually binge-watch on Netflix.

Mina Archibald
Mina Archibald is a psychology graduate who is now teaching in prestigious college in San Francisco. When not writing, Mina spends time with her daughter and loving husband Gabriel.


Serena Vanderwoodsen has covered the entertainment industry for more than ten years now. Through her dedication and passion in writing, Serena was able to work with the biggest names in Hollywood and got featured in magazines, newspapers and online publications.