‘Maze Runner 3’ Release Date, News & Update: Dylan O’Brien Now Filming Again?

Countless fans are now excited for the upcoming release of the “Maze Runner 3” movie. Now, new reports are claiming that Dylan O’Brien was spotted filming for the film five months since he got some major injuries while performing a deadly stunt.

PEOPLE reports that Dylan O’Brien was sighted for the very first time since suffering serious injuries in an onset accident. Sources have claimed that the “Maze Runner 3” was unnatural in is new look.

Under a thick beard, Dylan O’Brien was seen grabbing some snack at the Sherman Oaks, California branch of Jamba Juice. It can be recalled that the “Teen Wolf” Season 6 actor is rushed in the hospital on March 18, 2016 after getting hit by car while filming for the “Maze Runner 3” movie.

Previous reports have claimed that Dylan O’Brien was suddenly pulled off from a moving vehicle that caused him to fall and hit by another car. Insiders have claimed that the “Maze Runner 3” got major cuts, concussions and a facial fracture.

With these injuries, fans have started speculating that Dylan O’Brien will no longer be joining the “Maze Runner 3” movie and the upcoming “Teen Wolf” Season 6 series. However, with the recent sighting, there is now a big possibility that fans would be seeing Selena Gomez’ ex-flame in the mentioned productions.

Meanwhile, other reports are now claiming that Dylan O’Brien could possibly file a lawsuit against Fox. GamenGuide has previously reported Fox is the one to be blamed for the “Maze Runner 3” accident.

Insiders have divulged that Fox allowed Dylan O’Brien to perform the fatal stunt without even rehearsing for it. According to reports, sudden changes in the sequences of events were made, which later caused confusions among the “Maze Runner 3” cast and crew.

Fox and Dylan O’Brien are yet to comment on these reports. “Maze Runner 3” is expected to hit theatres by storm in 2018. Stay tuned for more “Maze Runner 3” spoilers, news and updates!


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