‘Train to Busan 2’ Spoilers & Predictions: Song Joong Ki, Lee Minho, Song Hye Kyo Work Together After Gong Yoo’s Death: Report

“Train to Busan” has been a worldwide hit due to its compelling storyline. Now, things get more interesting as recent reports claim that Song Joong Ki of “Descendants of the Sun” will be replacing “Goblin” actor Gong Yoo as the newest lead star of its sequel — “Train To Busan 2.”

According to GamenGuide, Song Joong Ki is so talented and charismatic like Gong Yoo, which makes him more than qualified to replace him in Train To Busan 2.” The same report suggested that the “Goblin” actor might not be able to reprise his role Fter what happened on the first movie’s ending.

Gong Yoo sacrified himself for his own daughter. Now that the lead star had already turned zombie, viewers suggest its impossible for the “Goblin” star to return in “Train to Busan 2.”

This then sparked speculations about Song Joong Ki joining the “Train To Busan 2” movie to save Gong Yoo’s daughter. There are also claims claiming that Kim Su-an will die in the sequel after getting bitten by the zombie.

If that was not enough, Song Hye Kyo is also rumored to join “Train To Busan 2” to play the role of a doctor, who will try to find medications for the mysterious disease experienced by people in Busan. Speculations have it that Song Joong Ki will be taking care of Kim Su-an’s daughter in the upcoming sequel.

Should these predictions happen in the “Train to Busan 2” movie, this is going to be the first that Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo will be working again since “Descendants of the Sun.” However, all claims are yet to be confirmed by director Yeon Sang Ho.

Other reports say Lee Minho will also be joining the movie and work together with Song Joong Ki in “Train to Busan 2.” The supposed power house cast of the upcoming sequel is expected to beat all the records made by the first film.

If these claims are proven true and correct, this is the very first time that Song Joong Ki and Lee Minho star in a movie together. Stay tuned for more “Train to Busan 2” spoilers and theories!

Cover Image by Korean Celebrity Info/Facebook


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