‘ARK: Survival Evolved’ 2017 Update: Xbox One Players Enjoy 749 DLC; New Dinosaurs, Underwater Characters, Procedurally Generated Maps & More

“ARK: Survival Evolved” players on Xbox One version have received another update for the game. The update 749 reportedly brought various developments for better gameplay.

The Inquisitr reported that the new “ARK: Survival Evolved” updates – the “Scorched Earth” and the base game patch — can be downloaded separately. Among the latest additions in the game in is two new caves to The Island.

The news outlet, however, revealed that Tek Tier is not part of the latest “ARK: Survival Evolved” update. It added that console users could expect for the game element to arrive next month.

Five new dinosaurs are also included in the update. From now on, “ARK: Survival Evolved” players might be able to come across these creatures, which are said to make the game more challenging.

Also joining the lineup of new characters include Cnidaria, Tusoteuthis, Pegomastax, Therizinosaurus and Troodon. There are also new patch notes brought by the “ARK: Survival Evolved” 749 update, which include 2 New Full-Scale Underwater Caves and all PC equivalent content up & functionality through v253.x.

PlayStation Lifestyle added that “ARK: Survival Evolved” 749 update also comes with the so-called “Procedurally Generated Maps.” For starters, this game feature lets players generate new ARKS without limit. To date, this is only available to PC and Xbox One users.

Meanwhile, “ARK: Survival Evolved” players expressed their frustrations on the newly-released update. “This game is frustrating. It seems like every server I go into I die by some dino right away or some random dude. I even spawn in Easy ranked places and still happens. Kind of frustrating for new people,” Barret80 stated.

“I died many times when I was low level. Once you get past the initial difficuly part of the game everything becomes much easier. Priority should be box, hut, bed. Then expand later, good luck,” another player complained. Stay tuned for more “ARK: Survival Evolved” news and updates!


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