5 Young Hollywood Stars With Undeniably Big Bulges

Zac Efron, Ryan Reynolds and Brad Pitt have kept us drooling through the years! Their biceps, abs and sexy smiles never fail to (effortlessly) melt us.

Well, you can add some new names to the list of the hottest guys in Hollywood. Here are the top 5 meatiest young guys together with their grabby bulges. 

1. Harry Styles

Aside from his good physique, fans now have another reason to go crazy over Harry Styles — you know what I mean! 

2. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has surprised us all with his transformations! From being a cutie YouTube star, Selena Gomez’s former beau is now a man with a huge crotch. Well, even his dad is proud about it! We love you, Biebs!

3. Nick Jonas

Yes, Nick Jonas! His bulge is too difficult to ignore. His transformation from being a baby boy to a hunky actor is beyond shocking. But, we’re enjoying it. Keep the playing your balls, Nick!

4. Liam Payne

Rumors suggest that this hot singer is going to become a father soon. Well, Liam Payne is definitely going to become a very hot father with loads of love.

5. Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik, you’ve got a big thing there! If your pillow could talk, we think it would say she’s the luckiest cushion in the world! Keep it up, Z! Make us drool more!

Cover image and body images by Celebrity Bulge/Twitter


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