Queen Elizabeth’s Retirement Will Never Make Kate Middleton Or Camilla Parker-Bowles Become Heiress; Only Princess Charlotte Can Inherit Crown

Queen Elizabeth’s possible retirement has been a talk of the town lately after the palace has confirmed that Her Majesty is currently sick. Supporters of the queen got worried that some of them has already adviced her to give up her throne.

But, if Queen Elizabeth decides to retire, who will become the next queen? You might have thought of Camilla Parker-Bowles, wife of Prince Charles, or Kate Middleton, wife of Prince William.

Apparently, neither Camilla Parker-Bowles nor Kate Middleton is qualified to become the next queen of the British monarchy. International Business Times  suggested that only Princess Charlotte can inherit the crown of Queen Elizabeth.

“Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, follows his father in line to the throne and his wife Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is likely to hold the ceremonial title of queen without having any claim to the throne,” IBT reported. “However, their second child — daughter Princess Charlotte — may take the throne to become England’s queen after her elder brother Prince George dies or abdicates before fathering an heir or if something happens to his heir.”

So, basically, you are thinking wrong all this time! Kate Middleton can become the next queen but she will have the title while Princess Charlotte is the only heir of Queen Elizabeth’s crown.

Cover Image by Queen Elizabeth/Facebook


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