‘Girl Meets World’ Season 4 Likely To Happen; GMW Writers Debunked Cancellation Rumors

Thousands of fans were devastated after learning that the third season of “Girl Meets World” is going to be its last. However, recent reports suggest that “Girl Meets World” Season 4 might happen after all.

Seventeen shared that “Girl Meets World” Season 4 has neither been cancelled nor renewed. The GMW  writers has debunked all cancellation rumors vis Twitter.

As much as I love Shawn Hunter, having created his character and everything, you have to remember that he was wrong a lot.

There is no official word as yet. Disney decision on season 4 coming soon. Officially, season 3 ends with 3 wonderful episodes in January.

Whatever happens, it has been a great joy to get to continue this story. If it is over, thank you. If not, we will keep giving our best.

It can be recalled that cast member Rider Strong has revaled that the show has already been axed and “Girl Meets World” Season 4 is quite impossible to happen.

“We finished the third season of Girl Meets World — my brother and I were directing a lot of episodes and I acted in a couple — and the show ended,” Rider Strong stated. Avid followers of the show quickly tool to Twitter to express their disappoint about the speculated cancellation of the “Girl Meets World” Season 4.

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Cover Image by El Mundo De Riley/Facebook