Queen Elizabeth Might Retire In 2017 Due To Health Issues; Prince Charles, Camilla Parker-Bowles Could Possibly Inherit Throne

Followers of Queen Elizabeth were stunned after reports about her retirement spread like wildfire lately. Recent speculations suggest that Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles are now ready to take over the throne after they led the Royal family’s yearly pilgrimage to Sandringham Estate.

Celeb Dirty Laundry reported that Queen Elizabeth has been feeling under the weather lately that her doctors have recommended her to stay indoors. Suffering from a heavy cold. Her Majesty was not able to join Prince Harry and the rest of the Royal family members during their church trip on Christmas day.

The absence of Queen Elizabeth during the annual event sparked reports that she might give up the throne to focus more on healing. However, Her Majesty was still able to speak to her country via her prerecorded Christmas Broadcast, NPR shared.

“To be inspirational, you don’t have to save lives or win medals,” Queen Elizabeth stated. “I often draw strength from meeting ordinary people doing extraordinary things: volunteers, carers, community organizers and good neighbors; unsung heroes whose quiet dedication makes them special.

“They are an inspiration to those who know them, and their lives frequently embody a truth expressed by Mother Teresa, from this year Saint Teresa of Calcutta,” Queen Elizabeth added. “She once said, ‘Not all of us can do great things — but we can do small things with great love.’ ”

Sources have stated that Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles might be doing several public appearances while Queen Elizabeth takes a break from her Royal duties. Could this also mean that they are now ready to become the next King and Queen of England? We’ll see.

It can be remembered that Prince William and Kate Middleton are rumored to become the next rulers of the British monarchy after Queen Elizabeth’s reign. However, insiders claim that this could be impossible due to the fact that Prince Charles is the eldest heir to inherit the throne.

Rumors suggest that Queen Elizabeth might announce her retirement in 2017. Stay tuned for updates!

Cover Image by Queen Elizabeth News/Facebook


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