Beauty Tips & Tricks: 3 Easy Steps To Have Perfect Eyebrows [Video Tutorial]

Kilay is, definitely, life! There is no doubt that having a perfectly styled brows is among the largest trend in the beauty industry. So, it’s quite not surprising that most of us – even guys – are really getting obsessed to having a perfect kilay!

Since styling brows is actually easier said than done, here are some beauty tips and tricks from Wiki How that could help you get perfect eyebrows without the need to consult to a pro or go to your favorite salon. Get ready!

  1. Fill in the gaps. For beginners, always choose an eyebrow pencil in a shade that is close to that of your own eyebrows. Before putting anything in your brows, make sure that it is in perfect shape. Since eyebrow hair does not grow evenly most of the time, make sure to use the most accurate shade and create light strokes in the direction that the hair grows. There is no need to create an arch if there is none in the first place.
  2. Comb your brow. To make sure that all hairs are pointing into the same direction, gently comb your brow. However, make sure that you will carefully do this to avoid the smudge.
  3. Protect it, baby. You may opt to dap petroleum jelly or, if you have an extra budget, you may apply brow gel to help it stay in place all day long.

Perfecting your brows could really take time; so, be patient! Watch the video below for more tips and tricks to having a perfect brow!


Cover Image by EyeBrow Perfection/Facebook


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