‘Frozen 2’ Release Date, Plot, News & Update: Elsa To Fall In Love With Anna? Tarzan Future King Of Arendelle?

Fans of the “Frozen” got so excited when they first learned that a sequel is coming. While the release date remains unclear until now, “Frozen 2” spoilers are claiming that there is a huge chance Queen Elsa will fall in love with Anna.

Rumor has it that Elsa will be the first lesbian Disney princess via “Frozen 2” after million fans have petitioned. It can be recalled that Elsa does not have a love interest in “Frozen.”

Since Anna had Kristoff, several fans were confused you could be the prince charming of Elsa. Well, it seems like the Ice Queen will be able to find her love partner in the person of Anna.

Sources have claimed that Anna is not really Elsa’s sister as she is just adopted. This then widened the possibility of Elsa falling in love with Anna in “Frozen 2” movie.

If Disney would listen to fans’ request, then Elsa could probably be Anna’s partner in the “Frozen 2” film. Another “Frozen 2” theory has claimed that Tarzan is the future King of Arendelle as he is Elsa’s long loat brother.

Reports say that the mother of Elsa and Anna did not die via shipwreck but they were trapped in an island where Tarzan was born. If proven true, then Tarzan could possibly rule Arendelle in the future after Elsa decides to get off her throne.

“Frozen 2” is slated to hit theaters in 2017. Stay tuned in Showbiz Maven for more “Frozen 2” spoilers, news and update!

Cover Image by Frozen/Facebook


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