‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Christmas Event Extends Lure Module Time; Higher Chances Of Catching  Pikachu, Togepi, Gen 2 & More!

Million “Pokemon Go” players around the world are set to experience the upcoming Christmas Event. Reports are claiming this update will bring in several character and gameplay updates for all to enjoy.

GameSpot reported that gamers will have more reasons to play “Pokemon Go” with the upcoming Christmas Event. Reports say that players will be able to catch Pikachu, Togepi and other pokemon from the Johto region easily starting December 25.

While it’s very unlikely for the Christmas Event to bring in the much-anticipated Pokemon Trading and Player-to-Player battles features, Niantic is sure to offer a single-use incubator, which gamers can get daily on their first Photo Disc spins at any PokeStop. “Pokemon Go” players will be able to enjoy the feature daily.

Other than that, GameSpot noted that the “Pokemon Go” Christmas Event will also allow players to use Lure Module  for 60 minutes starting December 30 through January 8. This means that gamers can have more chances of acquiring Kanto’s starter pokemon. 

Meanwhile, WWG has confirmed that “Pokemon Go” is now available in Apple Watch. There are also reports claiming that more game features and updates are coming this New Year! 

Cover Image by Pokemon/Facebook


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