iPhone 8 Specs, Features & Design: Apple Smartphone Rumored To Make Huge Changes; Wireless Charging, No Home Button, Curved Screen

2017 is just around the corner and Apple is surely preparing for the release of its upcoming devices. Among these much-anticipated products is the iPhone 8.

While the Cupertino-based company remains tightlipped on the details of the imminent smartphone, speculations about its new specs and features now start swirling on the internet. Word of the mouth has it that iPhone 8 will definitely have some impressive developments.

Dolly Magazine shared that iPhone 8 could possibly adapt the wireless charging technology. After the famous Apple AirPods, tech geeks are now expecting Apple to allow consumers to charge their phones without sticking themselves to the wall as they wait for their batteries get full.

iPhone 8 is also said to have eye and face scanners as additions to its security features. In other words, one can now unlock or do transactions to his or her phone by simply looking into their smartphones.

Aside from the absence of the home button, it has been said that iPhone 8 will definitely be having curves on both sides of the screen. Yes, the upcoming smartphone could possibly look like the Samsung s7 Edge and the Samsung Galaxy S7.

While these reports could possibly be true, Apple is yet to confirm all these claims. No official statement about the rumored iPhone 8 has been released until now.

Cover Image by Apple iPhone/Facebook


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