FoodPorn: Quadro Foodie Market, Ormoc City

The first-ever food bazaar in Ormoc City has opened its gates to Ormocanons and Leyteños on November 18, 2016. Named as the Quadro: Foodie Market, the food bazaar offers a myriad of food choices originally made and readily available in the “City by the Bay.”

As per SunStar, the Quadro: Food Market does not only showcase food of various kinds as local bands are also expected to entertain the foodies and visitors. Customer relations officer Kristina Cataag has said in an interview with John Kevin D. Pilapil that the food bazaar is not only for the sake of attracting visitors to come in the city but to also showcase the talented bakers, chefs and entrepreneurs from Ormoc.

The Quadro: Food Market is open from Fridays through Sundays at 5:00 P.M. to 2 A.M. Among the stalls one should visit include Manna Cheesecakes To Go, Healthy Eating, Mayongs, Maki Fruits & Sushi Corner, Tipsy KTV & Bar, Prinz Pizza Roll, Guilty Pleasures, Sweet Endings: Cakes, Cupcakes & More, Pootong’s and Buddies, The Steaks and Sausages, The Cookie Station, The Bros. N.S. and many more! For more details, contact 09390215069.

So, what are you waiting for? Come to Ormoc City, be entertained while filling your tummies with mouth-watering and delightful food made exclusively for you by our fellow Ormocanons!

Cover Photo by Bomskie Rojas/Facebook


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