Travelgasm: Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok City is considered as one of the most popular cities in Asia. The mixture of its traditional and modern culture has made it distinct among others.

As a twenty-something yuppie who is still trying to make a name on my field, this is my very first travel abroad. Reluctant at first, my travel spirit effortlessly came out the very moment our plane landed on the Thailand soil.

What really amazes me is the fact that the city is very well-organized that everything is literally in order. Under the heat are the trashless city streets and the uproar of the cosmopolis.

Truth be told, Bangkok really looks like the Philippines’ Metro Manila. However, the Thai city is a more developed version.

Most Thai people I have met are friendly though there are still some who tried to take advantage. I was also able to notice how Thai people respect the authorities and, for that, I am impressed.

In this post, I will not be sharing what I did in Bangkok City. Instead, the photos below will totally give you ideas what things you should expect when you visit the asphalt jungle of Thailand:

If you are planning to visit a place that would let you experience the modern and historical days, Bangkok is the best city for you! For more information about my trip or if you want to share your own travel experience, feel free to ask in the comment section below! xxx



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