Bonjour! Bienvenue dans ma vie!

Let me tell you this: blogging is really not my thing. I suck at keeping details. I hate remembering things. I don’t like to record all the stuff I did or about to do.

However, I found no other way to log all the major happenings and milestones of my life except for writing. Yes, I’m a publishing specialist but I am not really fond of blogging all the things I do.

But, I am willing to embrace change that I created this thing called Poor Primadonna. On this site, you will be able to know the latest happenings of the life of a twenty-something yuppie who strives so hard to become a successful being.

Poor Primadonna will not only tackle about my personal life as I will also be featuring other stuff like some how-tos, life hacks, tips and tricks, advices, opinions and news about current events, entertainment, fashion and lifestyle!

So, join me as I start my journey into becoming a professional blogger. I will try my best to update Poor Primadonna as much as possible.

A votre santé,

Poor Primadonna


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